Peace In The Valley

These are our newest Cashmere additions and their older sister.

"Peace in the Valley"

is only one of the many songs that touches my heart.
You've heard the phrase,
"It's the little things that get you down",
well, when the "little things" get me down,
it's "Peace in the Valley" that lifts me up.

I think the line that encourages me the most is--
"And I'll be
changed, changed from this creature that I am."
Sometimes I get really discouraged
because I'm not the person I think I should be.

Most of the time, I don't
very Christ-like,
and I know that I don't
very Christ-like
and I wish the LORD would change me NOW,
but, I guess, like my web site, I'm still
"Under Construction".

So, I hope you will add me to your prayer list
and pray that "GOD's Will" will be worked out in my life.

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