The Wooly Woods

About Us

The Wooly Woods is a small, family owned and operated livestock farm.
Along with the goats and Mini Rex rabbits, we have a few chickens,
some cats, a couple of dogs and 3 horses.

I've been crocheting for over 40 years and about 14 years ago, I took up handspinning.
I learned to harvest wool and mohair and process it for spinning.
It's a lot of work and very time consuming.
The spinning of the yarn, however, I find to be a great stress reliever.
Then about 10 years ago, I taught myself how to knit.
Just recently, we purchased a small floor loom and I'm starting to take up weaving.

When we moved here, we got a few sheep and a couple of Angora goats but we had to get out of the sheep and Angora business as there was no one to shear them for us.
Circumstances arranged for us to get into dairy goats. I have made goat milk cheese and soap.
My favorite dairy goat is the LaMancha, but my favorite goat milk comes from the Saanen.
We have also added Cashmere goats to our herd.
I think the Cashmere are really beautiful, classy-looking goats.
The ones we have can be traced back to the Cashmeres originally imported
into the United States from Australia.

My husband is a military retiree.
When we first bought this place, my husband had to do all the plumbing
and electrical work before we could move in.
After we had been here for awhile, he became a self-employed handyman.
In between his work for others, he has put up fence and built shelters for all the animals.
At this time, (in between jobs) he is putting an addition on the back of the house.

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