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I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being. - Psalm 104:33

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The Perfect Rose
by Dottie Rambo

In a corner on a table on a spread of ivory lace,
Framed and kissed by pastel colors dancing thru the crystal vase;
Scarlet and red its petals opened in full bloom,
Taking nothing but the sunshine leaving fragrance in the room.

Hands reached out without a reason,: crushed and bruised the petals so
Causing yet a sweeter fragrance from the weeping, dying rose.
Lying now in ruins to wither, scattered now by careless hands;
Once and art of perfect beauty dies to never bloom again.

In a corner of a stable on a spread of swaddling clothes,
Just a tiny bud but destined to become the Perfect Rose;
Angels hailed His entrance, wise men brought Him gold,
Knowing little of the suff'ring that would soon befall the Rose.

Hands reached out without a reason, crushed and bruised the Perfect Rose,
Causing yet a sweeter frangrance as the crimson color flowed;
Ugly thorns had never marred it 'till a crown of thorns He wore,
Tasting death, the Rose of Sharon rose to bloom Forevermore.

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